Lyme Bay radio interview

I was interviewed by Jayne Avery for her show on Lyme bay radio in the summer, which was great fun. You can listen to a replay of the show below.

  • 2.40 the evolutionary principle behind typical picky/ fussy eating in children and neophobia
  • 3.35 how children learn what to eat
  • 4.50 differences in taste perception between people and supertasters
  • 5.39 eating is a skilled activity that children have to learn
  • 6.34 why children usually eat better without distractions
  • 6.40 why children need to sit well to eat well (another soapbox of mine!)
  • 7.16 disgust and entomophagia (eating insects)
  • 8.52 learned aversions
  • 10.17 why we shouldn’t force children to eat
  • 11.04 children learn to eat from role models
  • 12.26 the benefits of family meals
  • 14.00 food is emotive
  • 14.08 let children help themselves as much as possible
  • 15.18 it’s normal for parents to worry about your child’s eating
  • 16.42 vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • 17.20 what to expect from my book
  • 18.18 weight and growth in picky eaters
  • 19.14 how much milk children should drink
  • 19.55 iron
  • 20.35 do children need different foods from adults?
  • 21.50 the food groups that children need
  • 22.49 unplanned versus planned snacks
  • 25.00 never force a child to eat
  • 25.19 food bribery
  • 26.35 how to teach children to like new foods

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