Interview with Sue Atkins, The Parenting Expert, on her Parentverse podcast

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sue Atkins on all things fussy eating. Listen by clicking the link below. In case you want to skip straight to the bits you’re most interested in hearing more about, what to find where is just underneath. 3.09 what to expect from my book 4.18 when our […]

Lyme Bay radio interview

I was interviewed by Jayne Avery for her show on Lyme bay radio in the summer, which was great fun. You can listen to a replay of the show below. 2.40 the evolutionary principle behind typical picky/ fussy eating in children and neophobia 3.35 how children learn what to eat 4.50 differences in taste perception […]

Fussy eater? 6 ways to get your child to the table

Fussy eater

In my last post I have mentioned the writing of Alfie Kohn and my interpretation of his book in relation to using praise to encourage your fussy eater to try new food (here). Kohn suggests that we allow children as much choice as possible and as is appropriate for their age. This teaches them to […]