Interview with Sue Atkins, The Parenting Expert, on her Parentverse podcast

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sue Atkins on all things fussy eating. Listen by clicking the link below. In case you want to skip straight to the bits you’re most interested in hearing more about, what to find where is just underneath. 3.09 what to expect from my book 4.18 when our […]

Lyme Bay radio interview

I was interviewed by Jayne Avery for her show on Lyme bay radio in the summer, which was great fun. You can listen to a replay of the show below. 2.40 the evolutionary principle behind typical picky/ fussy eating in children and neophobia 3.35 how children learn what to eat 4.50 differences in taste perception […]

Talking about cabbage, blue foods and icky tomato texture!

I was interviewed by Ian Gilbert of Independent Thinking about my book “Help! My toddler is not eating. A 30-day plan to get your picky eater to enjoy new foods” as part of the summer children’s (and parents’!) reading festival. 07.30 talking about texture and why Ian hates tomatoes 08.45 how children learn to eat […]

Christmas, brussel sprouts and supertasters


With Christmas just around the corner, this is light-hearted post about brussel sprouts, why you either love ’em or hate ’em, and some fun ways to get kids to try ’em. Why do some people hate ’em? To some people, brussel sprouts taste bitter. They taste bitter because of a genetic variation, which means that […]