Interview with Sue Atkins, The Parenting Expert, on her Parentverse podcast

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sue Atkins on all things fussy eating. Listen by clicking the link below.

In case you want to skip straight to the bits you’re most interested in hearing more about, what to find where is just underneath.

3.09 what to expect from my book

4.18 when our instinctive responses as a parent can make picky eating worse

4.29 how the book gives parents different techniques to use with their child

4.40 who the book is aimed at – parents of toddlers, but also parents of older children will be able to use the techniques in the book, as well as childminders and other caregivers

5.40 worrying about your child’s eating is NORMAL!

5.58 eating is a complex skill that children must learn

6.47 the topics covered in the book

7.08 is my child growing OK?

7.23 specific nutrients that picky eaters might be short of

7.46 the mealtime strategies covered in the boo

8.05 how children learn from the mealtime experience

10.12 what hinderers a child’s relationship with food

11.07 some children take longer to learn how to eat

11.23 some children are more sensory sensitive

11.50 how the book may be useful for parents of children with special needs

12.40 strategies for reducing mealtime anxiety for children AND adults

13.10 why regular, planned meals and snacks are ESSENTIAL

14.19 let them play with their food

15.37 different (non-threatening) ways of exposing children to food

17.35 eating together and table manners

18.29 using praise and encouragement

19.39 children will mostly eat as much as they need

23.00 what is a snack?

26.12 how to access the questionnaire on my website and how it can help

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