Talking about cabbage, blue foods and icky tomato texture!

I was interviewed by Ian Gilbert of Independent Thinking about my book “Help! My toddler is not eating. A 30-day plan to get your picky eater to enjoy new foods” as part of the summer children’s (and parents’!) reading festival.

  • 07.30 talking about texture and why Ian hates tomatoes
  • 08.45 how children learn to eat
  • 09.40 the blue food experiment (and why role modelling matters)
  • 12.15 why children (and adults) nibble at new foods (Hint: It’s evolution, baby. And perfectly normal.)
  • 15.10 more about role modelling (I know, I do go on about it!)
  • 16.05 summary of what to expect from the book
  • 16.30 food exposure and how to introduce new foods
  • 17.07 children need to be sat well to eat well (even though adults can perfectly well chew and swallow a piece of pizza lying sideways while simultaneously watching TV, listening to a song and having a conversation)
  • 17.48 see the exercises in my book
  • 18.25 the “Finish your soup” study and why pressuring children to eat doesn’t work

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